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The Million Women Study Fact Sheet

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Here I will summarize the blog post below.  There is a study that was done with a million women in England and what has been concluded is that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) causes cancer.  It is conclusive; end of summary.  Feel free to read through the post below for more details.    The Million Women Study was a national study of women’s health involving around one million UK women aged 50 and over. It was a collaborative project between Cancer Research UK and the National Health Service Breast Screening Program, with additional funding from the Medical Research Council, which aims to answer many outstanding questions about the factors affecting women’s health in this age group. The main focus of the study relates to the effects of hormone replacement therapy use, but the large size of the study means that a very broad range of health issues can be addressed. What was the Million Women Study investigating? The Million Women Study investigated how various reproductive and lifestyle factors affect women’s health. In particular, the study looked at how hormone replacement therapy affects a woman’s breasts and other aspects of her health. Other factors that were investigated were diet, childbirth, breastfeeding, vitamin and mineral supplement use, oral contraceptive use and family history of illness. Who took part in the study? Women were invited to join the Million Women Study when they received their invitation to attend breast screening at one of 66 participating NHS Breast Screening Centers in the UK. At these centers, women received a study questionnaire with their invitation, which they were asked to complete and return at the time of screening. Around 70%of those attending the program returned questionnaires and agreed to take part in the study—this excellent response means that over 1 in 4 women in the UK in the target age group participated in the study. It also means that the Million Women Study is the largest stufy of its kind in the world. Who is involved in conducting the study? The Million Women Study is a nationwide study coordinated by experienced researchers based in Oxford. Funds for the study have been provided by Cancer Research UK, the National Health Service Breast Screening Program and Medical...

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Blood Labs – Confusion

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      There have been lots of interesting things happening lately in the world of health and in the world in general.  We are faced with far more confusion than we have faced at any other time in history.  In the midst of all of this confusion the new iPhone 6 is coming out this week – as though it will somehow solve all of our problems to have a bigger, badder, sleeker, faster, more powerful, and smarter phone. Many young people will purchase a $100 case for their phone, but they are having unprotected sex because they never learned the value of spending a few dollars on some type of safe birth control.  I suppose this brings me to my next subject – health.            For whatever reason, many people are not very motivated about their health and have never even considered the value of being and staying healthy.  They spend money for vacations to Hawaii and on cars and stereos and meals out at nice restaurants as well as private school, skiing, private tennis lessons, pianos, piano lessons, clothing and all sorts of interesting things but very little time and money on their health which is far more important than anything else.  Really, the only thing that could compare to one’s health in level of importance are our relationships and the love experienced between two or more people.  Isn’t love a part of healing?  Isn’t love a part of health?            Today I was in the middle of conducting a Report Of Findings for one of my new patients and it sort of dawned upon me how crazy our “health care” system really is.  I know you have heard many of these clichés over and over and over again; and the reason why you have heard them so many times is because they are true.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had patients go to their medical doctor seeking support and help with their health only to do a blood lab that checks for pathology, that reveals pathology, and then be told that there are not any positive findings on the lab.  I don’t know if you realize this if you are reading this but blood labs do not ever reflect GOOD HEALTH of a patient.  The only thing revealed when positive findings are found...

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Wheat and Corn and Soy and Beans

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This entire blog post comes from Noelle Thomas, N.D. and also Dan Jackowiak NC, HHP.  None of this information is my own material.  Nothing here may be printed out or reproduced in any way.  There are no permissions granted.  Of course, you may direct people to this blog post should you choose to.     Grains Are Not Suggested on the Candida Diet and there is a Good Reason Why Let’s be direct here, people are addicted to grains.  We will get to that in a minute.  People often want to know why it is recommended that they avoid eating grains.  They are especially curious about wheat.  The reason why it is a great idea to avoid grains is because there is a direct connection between grains and Candida yeast infections. We will be addressing this matter here.  The goal here is clarity and understanding.  Because so many patients want to know about other grains besides just wheat, we will be addressing these other grains also.  In addition, we will also talk about beans. A little bit more than 10,000 years ago we lived as hunter-gatherers killing our food and gathering plant foods that we were able to eat.  We ate plenty of meat.  In fact, our diets were primarily composed of meat. At this time, our plant foods were fresh and we ate about 150 different kinds of plants.  There is a great book called, “Wild Edible Plants of the Western United States.”  There are 302 plants listed in this book that are edible.  This gives one an idea of the extraordinary variety of “produce” available to eat in ancient times.  Fresh plant foods are dense in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  Today we only call certain types of produce organic but at that time everything was organic.  These plants greatly nourished our bodies.  We were well nourished and did not have most of the chronic diseases that people now suffer from today.  In fact, there is no record of any bone disease prior to 10,000 years ago. The plants were high in fiber and we mostly ate the plants raw.  We picked them every few days as needed.  Some of them we may have cooked and some of them we didn’t.  We ate plants in this fashion for about 2 million years.  In fact, some  cultures...

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Triad Of Health Treats Cancer Patients – Cancer and Marijuana

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Thank you very much for taking out the time to read this blog post.  Despite what you may think, I do realize that most of us have a limited amount of time in this day and age and that reading through numerous blog posts on health care providers websites may not necessarily be your number one choice of how you spend your time.  However, it this is your number one choice of how you spend your time then my hat is off to you and I commend you for it.  That makes my job all that much more rewarding and enjoyable. Your government, media, friends, family and the majority of people in the society that you live in have most likely convinced you that a cancer diagnosis is some death sentence.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  This is absolute blasphemy as far as I am concerned.  I have lost track of all of the different health care providers that have successfully treated their cancer patients and reversed their cancers over the last 100 years or so.  The list of health care providers used to be small and now it is a long list that encompasses many new doctors like myself who were only just licensed to diagnose recently during the last 10 or 15 years or so.  What Royal Rife, Hocksey, Royal Lee, Dr. Victor Frank and many of the rest of us have learned about cancer is that it really is not a big deal.  We have come to understand the basic physiology of the “disease” and have a variety of specific approaches for how to reverse it.  My favorite approach for treating and reversing cancer is to treat the underlying cause.  Thus far, all of my cancer patients have had an active fungal infection.  So, you may ask, “Do funguses cause cancer?”  Good question.  Yes, they do.  However, lots of things cause cancer and a fungal infection is only one of the many things that causes it.  What causes a fungal infection?  Well, you are free to go to my blog post on fungal infections on this website called “Candida” and that might help you to answer that question.  You can just do a search for “candida”...

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Underlying Cause of Disease – A Healthcare Provider’s Perspective

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Over the years I have always found it puzzling that so many people suffer from illness when just a few shifts in their daily lifestyle could move them back toward health. You would think I would not be surprised after all of these years, but since illness affects all of my immediate family members as well as most people I come into contact with of all races, shapes, sizes and sexes; it causes me to think about the matter a great deal. My colleagues and myself use terms to describe the confusion people find themselves in when they try to figure out how to return to health. We use the terms umbilical reversal, psychological reversal (like reverse psychology), neurological disorganization, switching, resistance, confusion, reversal, hidden-reversal, etc… The trouble with these terms is that only I, my colleagues and a few psychologists know what we are talking about. I have lost count of how many times I have had new patients with chronic disease such as Hashimotos Thyroiditis, heart disease, cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Raynaud’s Disease and others to explain to me that they consider themselves healthy.  These are people who are taking several different medications daily just in order to function from day to day and survive. Let’s make the language for the main cause of sickness and disease far simpler.   The main reason my patients and patients everywhere remain patients and fail to completely resolve their health concerns is that they make terrible choices when it comes to their health. This is a universal truth in the health care profession. If chronic patients did not make terrible choices regarding their health then they never would have become chronic patients with chronic health concerns to begin with. I call this difficulty with making good decisions for one’s health a “deep confusion” of the nervous system. This “deep confusion” is truly deep. It engenders societal patters called memes. A meme is defined as “an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.” There are also “familial memes” or “societal memes” whereby habit patterns are passed down from one family to the next...

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Fukushima & the Delusion of Health in America

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By now you have definitely heard about the Fukushima incident that took place in Japan at the beginning of 2011.  You may have heard that the radiation leakage from Fukushima into the ground water that then made it into the Pacific Oceans amounted to thousands of radioactive water going into the sea each day.  Perhaps you even did some of your own research and learned that deep, deep in the Pacific Ocean radiation levels were measured to be millions of times what is allowable by EPA standards.  Yes, that is correct;  not hundreds or thousands of times higher, but greater than 1,000,000.  Perhaps you have a background in science and understand a little bit about the air that became contaminated with radiation that then caused the fallout here in the western part of the United States that led to elderly and babies getting sick.  You may even remember from something you read that there was a 30% increase of new baby deaths in California and surrounding states in the months following the Fukushima incident in 2011.  You may understand a little bit about how radiation gets into the food chain and realize that if the algae in Hawaii, California and throughout the Western part of the continent is contaminated with radiation that then the fish that eat it are also contaminated with radiation.  If you heard about these things then you heard correctly.  Every one of them is true.  And yet, you really see very little about the Fukushima disaster in the news these days.  Japan had contracts in place with the United States that the United States would continue to buy seafood from Japan for a certain period of time regardless of the quality of that seafood.  The United States has kept its promise and continues to purchase and distribute Japanese seafood throughout the country.   I have had a number of patients get sick from the seafood coming out of the North Pacific Ocean.  Many of these patients have what seems to be radiation poisoning.  It has been happening with a number of my colleagues as well.  Some of us have bought Geiger counters and have measured very, very slight increases in radiation levels in the fish.  These increases in radiation...

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