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The Million Women Study Fact Sheet

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Here I will summarize the blog post below.  There is a study that was done with a million women in England and what has been concluded is that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) causes cancer.  It is conclusive; end of summary.  Feel free to read through the post below for more details.    The Million Women Study was a national study of women’s health involving...

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Blood Labs – Confusion

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      There have been lots of interesting things happening lately in the world of health and in the world in general.  We are faced with far more confusion than we have faced at any other time in history.  In the midst of all of this confusion the new iPhone 6 is coming out this week – as though it will somehow solve all of our problems to have a bigger,...

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Wheat and Corn and Soy and Beans

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This entire blog post comes from Noelle Thomas, N.D. and also Dan Jackowiak NC, HHP.  None of this information is my own material.  Nothing here may be printed out or reproduced in any way.  There are no permissions granted.  Of course, you may direct people to this blog post should you choose to.     Grains Are Not Suggested on the Candida Diet and there is a Good...

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Triad Of Health Treats Cancer Patients – Cancer and Marijuana

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Thank you very much for taking out the time to read this blog post.  Despite what you may think, I do realize that most of us have a limited amount of time in this day and age and that reading through numerous blog posts on health care providers websites may not necessarily be your number one choice of how you spend your time.  However, it this is your number one...

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Underlying Cause of Disease – A Healthcare Provider’s Perspective

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Over the years I have always found it puzzling that so many people suffer from illness when just a few shifts in their daily lifestyle could move them back toward health. You would think I would not be surprised after all of these years, but since illness affects all of my immediate family members as well as most people I come into contact with of all races, shapes,...

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Fukushima & the Delusion of Health in America

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By now you have definitely heard about the Fukushima incident that took place in Japan at the beginning of 2011.  You may have heard that the radiation leakage from Fukushima into the ground water that then made it into the Pacific Oceans amounted to thousands of radioactive water going into the sea each day.  Perhaps you even did some of your own research and...

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