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You Need A New Bra.

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I never really know exactly what I am going to blog about until I start the blogging.  When it comes to women’s health issues, there are a number of things that just keep coming up for my patients again and again and again and again and again. Well over 70% of my new female patients are wearing bras just like these bras you see above here that do not support their health.  There.  I said it.  I am done.  Blog post over……  All kidding aside, what is it about these bras that cause so many difficulties?  These types of bras...

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Underlying Cause of Disease – A Healthcare Provider’s Perspective

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Over the years I have always found it puzzling that so many people suffer from illness when just a few shifts in their daily lifestyle could move them back toward health. You would think I would not be surprised after all of these years, but since illness affects all of my immediate family members as well as most people I come into contact with of all races, shapes, sizes and sexes; it causes me to think about the matter a great deal. My colleagues and myself use terms to describe the confusion people find themselves in when they try to...

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Fukushima & the Delusion of Health in America

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By now you have definitely heard about the Fukushima incident that took place in Japan at the beginning of 2011.  You may have heard that the radiation leakage from Fukushima into the ground water that then made it into the Pacific Oceans amounted to thousands of radioactive water going into the sea each day.  Perhaps you even did some of your own research and learned that deep, deep in the Pacific Ocean radiation levels were measured to be millions of times what is allowable by EPA standards.  Yes, that is correct;  not hundreds or thousands...

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Becoming Certain in an Uncertain World

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You are likely reading this post and asking yourself such questions as “What does this Doctor have to offer me”? Similarly, you might be wondering to yourself, “What is all of this about here and how can I use it to help me with my particular concern?” These are good and important questions. Let’s break things down even more simply and plainly than I already have. The world is changing. Things are uncertain. Most of us in the industrialized world are hurrying to get our kids off to school, get to our job, go to...

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 Many people in our society are under the impression that butter is not good for you or that it will make you fat and have heart disease. Nothing could be further from the truth. The majority of the information in this newsletter is coming from the Weston Price Foundation.   Here are some reasons why BUTTER IS BETTER! VITAMINS:  Butter is a rich source of easily absorbed vitamin A, needed for a wide range of functions, from maintaining good vision to keeping the endocrine system in top shape.  butter also contains all of the other fat-soluble...

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7. What are the benefits of Dr. Ilya’s holistic therapies? Answer The benefits of Dr. Ilya’s holistic therapies are infinite.  Please visit the testimonials page and learn about all of the different benefits that patients have received from Dr. Ilya’s therapies. Homeopathy, herbs, nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, psychotherapy and other emotional therapies, ancient healing modalities, naturopathy, and color and sound therapy have been used for countless ages.  There are thousands and thousands of studies and case studies of people who...

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Love women, Love men, Love all races, Love all people, Love your family, Love your friends, When you love your enemies you will overcome them. Love what you hate, Love what you envy, Love your work, Love your resentments, Love your frustrations, Love your pain, Love your dissappointments, Love your failures, Love your successes, Love what comes easy and love what comes hard. Love what you cannot and love what you can. Love yourself and you can love others more fully. Never forget to love. Heart to Heart — Soul to Soul. Spirit to Spirit — Life...

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               “Andropause” is what doctors and physiologists call male menopause.  Menopause and menopausal symptoms are not just experiences that women have; men have them also.  For men, the symptoms of Andropause are quite different than the symptoms of Menopause.                Sally and Jeff are a Caucasian married couple who live in Marin County, CA.  Sally is 48 years old and her husband Jeff is 56 years old.  They have been married for 19 years and during the first 13 years of their marriage everything had gone great.  They have 2...

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This was Written a Year ago by Dr. Ilya and Presented at two Separate Triad Of Health 2 Hour Introductions. The medical industry is so lost that they actually prescribe medication for nutritional deficiencies and they are so confused that they have convinced themselves that people suffer from drug deficiencies rather than nutritional deficiencies.  Is anyone in the audience deficient of aspirin?  Is anyone here deficient in prozac?  Is anyone here deficient in Thyroid medication or Thyroid hormone? It has gotten so bad that when people are...

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WHEN COMMON SENSE BECOMES UNCOMMON This post was sent out as a newsletter,  the first to be sent out in the last 5 months. I don’t know where the time has gone.  Plus, I broke my promise.  I had promised in the last newsletter to do a newsletter twice a month and it never happened.  There have been a lot of changes at the Triad Of Health Family Wellness Clinic.  Things look the same but they are completely different.  There is a new copy machine, some new plants, new restrooms and new roof.  We now carry an entire line of non-toxic skin care,...

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